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With over 20 years’ experience, our company has a young, dynamic and highly trained staff with ample experience on the international stage and a relentless, can-do spirit that has made us one of the leading companies on the market.

Our goal is to offer the best and widest variety of products by relying on the strictest quality controls and lightning fast service.

To achieve the utmost satisfaction of our clients, we guarantee total control over the traceability of orders in every phase of the supply chain.

Our customer service department will help you to resolve any issues involving the services provided by ZIP BCN and offer constant support with any order.



Labelling may be a minor component, but it’s a key factor in the image of any garment. That’s why we know that our products are essential to any system of identification.

Etiquetas Etiquetas
Etiquetas Etiquetas

Labelling may be a minor component, but it’s a key factor in the image of any garment. That’s why we know that our products are essential to any system of identification.


Improve the application of hanging labels to your product by using seals. Our system for attaching labels can be used in various sectors, like clothing, footwear, jewellery and foodstuffs.

We have a wide variety of materials and colours that can be adapted to various designs based on our clients’ needs.

Packing List Envelopes

We make self-adhesive, highly resistant packing list envelopes that can be used to send any type of document, like shipping lists and invoices. They can be attached to any parcel and protect the contents against dirt, water, grease and chemicals.

They offer a clean, affordable and reliable way to make sure the documents accompanying a parcel get there in perfect condition.

To contact us, you can fill in the following form and send it to us. We’ll get back to you within 24 hours.


T. (+34) 900 103 582

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Plaza Beatriz de DĂ­a 2, 3Âş 1ÂŞ
08202 Sabadell (Barcelona) Spain.
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General sales terms

1 - Scope of applicability

These general sales terms shall be applicable to any sales or delivery contract between the parties, unless other terms have been agreed to in writing.

Any offers and estimates made by the Seller shall not be binding. The sales contract shall only be consummated when the Seller confirms an order in writing.

These sales conditions can only be modified via written agreement between the parties; as a result, any clauses or conditions contained, either printed or written, on an order, letter or other documents issued by the Buyer, shall not be valid.

Any changes made to these sales terms by the Seller shall not affect consummated contracts.

In the absence of an agreement stating otherwise, all future purchases of the Seller’s merchandise shall be subject to the general terms and conditions herein.

2 - Place

Unless otherwise accepted by the Seller when confirming an order, the place for fulfilling all contractual obligations shall be Sabadell (Spain), and the merchandise shall be transferred at the Seller’s warehouse.

3 - Delivery Period

The delivery period shall start as soon as an order is confirmed by the Seller, the Buyer’s necessary technical documents are in the Seller’s possession, the agreed upon payments and guarantees are made and the officially required permits are granted. The delivery period is considered complete when the delivery is ready to be dispatched at the appointed place.

The delivery period shall be reasonably extended if reasons beyond the Seller’s will and control impede abiding by the delivery deadline.

The delivery period shall likewise be extended if the Buyer changes the original order or delays in its contractual obligations, especially if the Buyer delays delivery of the necessary documents or the stipulated payments.

4 - Price

All prices are regarded as net, ex-works, in euros, with no deduction of any type, unless otherwise agreed.

The Seller reserves the right to make changes to its prices. Said changes shall never affect any services contracted prior to the modification of the prices and shall be reported to the Buyer at least 30 days prior to contract termination. The Buyer may, at its discretion, void the contract within 7 days of being notified of the new prices.

The prices do not include taxes, tariffs or other costs of either a general or specific nature, which shall be borne by the Buyer unless otherwise agreed to in writing, considering those Incoterms that are applicable, if any, and/or the terms for the delivery of the merchandise.

5 - Payment method

Unless otherwise agreed to in writing, each order shall be paid in cash, with no discount, and with no deductions, compensations or withholdings of payments by the Buyer.

The stipulated payment dates must be observed by the Buyer even if the transport or delivery are delayed for reasons beyond the Seller’s control.

If deemed suitable by the Seller due to the Buyer’s financial position, the former may request those guarantees it considers necessary to ensure the Buyer’s compliance with its contractual obligations, during which time the Seller may suspend delivery.

If a guarantee is required, its text must abide by the model to be provided by the Seller for this purpose.

6 - Interest

Any amounts not paid by the Buyer as established in the foregoing conditions shall accrue interest for each day the payment is delayed at the legal late payment interest rate plus 8%.

This late payment interest rate shall automatically expire and become payable pursuant to Article 3 of Directive 2000/35/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 29 June 2000, on combating late payment in commercial transactions.

7 - Acceptance of the merchandise

The Buyer shall review and inspect the shipment, in terms of its quality and quantity, at the time of delivery. Once the shipment is reviewed and inspected, it shall be regarded as accepted by the Buyer, who renounces any right to make any claim. Likewise, the Buyer shall have 30 days to report any hidden faults or defects present in the shipment, after which the Buyer shall lose any right to file a claim against the Seller for this purpose.

As concerns those claims involving the use, sale or distribution of the products sold or delivered, individually or in combination with other products, shipments or packaging, or any other complaint relative to the contract, the Buyer’s rights and the Seller’s liability shall be limited to the exchange of said products or a reimbursement of the purchase price, at the Seller’s discretion. The Seller shall not be entitled to return products that have been accepted or for which the deadline for reporting defects has expired. The Seller’s liability shall never exceed the value of the merchandise in question at the time of sale.

8 - Retention of title

The Seller shall retain ownership of all the merchandise supplied until the stipulated payment is received in full. The Buyer authorises the Seller to register its ownership in public records or files, and shall provide any signatures as required for this purpose.

If the price of the merchandise supplied is not paid, the Seller may opt to either exercise its retention of title and recover the merchandise with the corresponding penalty for any loss of value and wear, or demand the payment of the price plus the late interest.

9 - Packaging

The Buyer shall obtain ownership of the packaging materials unless:

a) The packaging material indicates that the Seller or a third party retains ownership of said material; or

b) The order sheet or the accompanying documents specify that the Seller or a third party retains ownership.

In these cases, the stipulations of the “Retention of title” clause above shall apply.

10 - Warranty

The Seller exclusively guarantees that when the products are delivered, they will conform to the stipulated specifications.

The products are sold with no subsequent warranties and with no promise by the Seller regarding their processability, potential applications and marketability.

The Seller shall be responsible for repairing or replacing any good that, before the warranty period expires, is proven to be unusable due to material defects, faulty design or poor workmanship.

If a shipment remains defective despite being repaired or replaced, the Seller is authorised to take the defective merchandise by reimbursing the payments received.

Excluded from the Seller’s warranty and responsibility are any deficiencies beyond its control, especially if these result from normal wear and tear, false information from the Buyer, improper maintenance, failure to observe the operating instructions, use of improper materials, effects of chemical or electrolytic actions, etc.

If the Buyer alleges that a warranty in keeping with the technical specifications of the merchandise is not satisfied, the warranty shall only be valid if the Seller is able to verify that the guaranteed parameters are not satisfied.

The Seller’s warranty is subject to compliance with the payment terms agreed to with the Buyer.

11 - Patents

The sale of merchandise by the Seller shall in no case transfer any licence under any patent relative to the products or their composition. The Buyer expressly accepts all patent infringement risks stemming from their use or production, individually or in combination with other materials or in any processing operation.

12 - Insurance

The benefit and risk of the products to be supplied fall on the Buyer once they are ready to be dispatched under the stipulated conditions.

If the dispatch of the merchandise is delayed for reasons beyond the Seller’s control, it shall be stored and insured at the Buyer’s risk and expense. The transport shall be made at the Buyer’s risk and expense.

The Buyer is responsible for taking out insurance on the products against any type of risk.

The Seller may request a copy from the Buyer of proof of payment that justifies its insurance policy is current and up to date. The insurance referred to must have a minimum duration equal to that planned for the execution of the order.

13 - Breach by the buyer

If the Buyer fails to comply with any of its obligations or to comply in a timely manner, the Seller shall be entitled to exercise the total or partial termination of the contract or to suspend its execution in whole or in part. This shall be exercised by due notification, with no need for further notice of non-compliance or judicial intervention, and without the Seller being liable for damages, without prejudice to those rights to which the Seller may have recourse.

As soon as any of the circumstances mentioned above occurs, any claims that the Seller may have against the Buyer shall become payable immediately.

If the Buyer does not make a timely or full payment, it shall return any unpaid products to the Seller on the latter’s first demand.

If the Buyer does not return said products, the Seller shall, without prejudice to its other rights and recourses, be entitled to recover the products sold with no need for any further demand, notification or judicial intervention.

14 - Force majeure

For the purposes of this contract, “force majeure” refers to the existence of any contingency, circumstance or cause that is beyond the control of the party invoking it, including but not limited to the following circumstances: imposition of or submission to a law, regulation, decree, order or request from any authority (national, regional, provincial or city), confiscation, riot, war, uprising, fire, flooding, earthquake, storm, explosion, strike, lockout, machinery or factory outage, impossibility to obtain raw materials, equipment, fuel or transport.

If any of the Parties is unable to fulfil any obligation in this Contract, other than payment of the price, due to force majeure, said Party shall be exempt from its obligation, as long as it notifies the other party, indicating the start and nature of the force majeure situation. The Party invoking the force majeure shall immediately notify the other of the termination of the situation forcing the cause majeure.

The Seller shall not be liable to the Buyer for any loss or damage stemming from the non-compliance or delayed or partial compliance with its obligations due to force majeure.

This clause is applicable to the Seller and its plant and to the Buyer and its plant. The foregoing sections of this article notwithstanding, if the Buyer is affected by force majeure, it shall not be relieved of its obligations to accept and pay for any shipments made prior to the Seller’s receipt of the Buyer’s written notification of the force majeure situation, nor may the Buyer invoke force majeure to delay paying any amounts owed.

If force majeure exists, the Seller shall be entitled to distribute, in any way it deems reasonable, the useful products among its clients and to meet its own requirements.

15 - Transfer

Neither Party in this contract may transfer the contract without the written consent of the other Party, the sole exception being that the Seller may transfer the contract, in part or in whole, to any of the companies that are in its same corporate group.

16 - Catalogues and documents

The data contained in the catalogues and documents shall be binding only if specifically stipulated in said catalogues and documents.

Every document provided by the Seller to the Buyer shall be regarded as the exclusive property of the former and must be considered as confidential. They shall not be transferred to a third party under any circumstance and shall not be copied or used without the prior written consent of the Seller.

If an order is not placed, all catalogues and other documents delivered shall be returned immediately to the Seller.

17 - Confidentiality and Data Protection

Pursuant to Organic Law 15/1999 of 13 December on the Protection of Personal Information, any data of a personal nature provided by the Buyer shall be incorporated into the Seller’s client database, the purposes of which are to maintain contractual relationships, and to track and manage sales and their associated payments. The Seller shall treat this information with the utmost confidentiality and agrees not to use it for any purpose other than that stated, and to store it using the measures needed to ensure its security and to avoid any unauthorised changes, loss, processing or access.

The Seller agrees to maintain professional secrecy involving said personal data, even after the conclusion of the contractual relationship.The Buyer authorises the Seller to keep its data for a period of five years after the contractual services are rendered.

The Buyer may exercise its rights to access, change, delete and oppose the processing of its data by writing to the Data Protection Manager at ZIP BARCELONA SOLUTIONS, S.L., located in Sabadell, Plaça Beatriu de Dia, 2, 3r, 1a.

18 - Separability

The conditions herein are separable. If any condition is deemed invalid for any reason, the rest shall remain fully valid and in force.

19 - Language

In the event of a discrepancy between the text in Spanish and in another language pertaining to the sale of merchandise, the text in Spanish shall prevail.

20 - Jurisdiction

This relationship shall be governed by Spanish law. The parties expressly renounce any other jurisdiction to which they may be entitled and agree to submit any dispute or claim involving the validity, interpretation, compliance or execution of the General Sales Terms, as well as any actions or transactions considered therein, to the courts of Sabadell.